• How Sprout Magazine has a party with every new subscriber

    A couple of weeks ago we got into a talk with the publisher of Sprout Magazine. This magazine aims to inspire and connect growing entrepeneurs in the Netherlands. We demo'ed what is possible with... Read more
  • New in Triggi – Change the weather!

    Today we introduce a very special new possibility in Triggi. We've updated your app so you can use Triggi to control the weather conditions around you. We used tons of data and break-through rese... Read more
  • Smart devices. The Useful, the Silly and the Weird

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  • New in Triggi: Share your triggs!

    Today we release a new version of Triggi. Until now it wasn't easy to show others what your trigg was doing and how you made it. Screenshots, describing how to set it up, all in all it should be ... Read more
  • Jorg Ruis’s Morning Routine

    Jorg Ruis is founder of CultureBuilders, an agency in Amsterdam that helps companies create high-performing cultures. Read how Jorg uses meditation and stretching to loosen up in the morning, whi... Read more
  • Smart home devices for comfortable energy saving

    Wear warm hoodies, don’t take long showers, turn down the AC… We could all save a lot more energy if we were willing to live a bit more like a Spartan. But do we really need to change our lif... Read more
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    Bert de Boer is a strategic marketeer and project manager. He has a wife and two daughters. Read how Bert uses a tight morning routine to keep chaos at bay and kick-of the day smoothly. Wha... Read more
  • A new release – push our buttons

    Today we release a new version of the app. We introduce the first step in the evolution of our app. We started in July and since then we've received great response on the look and feel of our app... Read more